1. Which of the following would cause cmd2 to be run independently of cmd1?

A. cmd1 ; cmd2

B. cmd1 | cmd2

C. cmd1 >> cmd2

D. cmd1 > cmd2

2. __________ is the default signal number used with the kill command.

3. The updatedb command is used to update the information searched by which command?

A. grep

B. find

C. locate

D. whois

4. Which command is used to change the priority of a command as it is run?

A. job

B. nice

C. renice

D. top

5. Which command would be used to produce the following permissions?

-rw-rw-r–        myfile

A. chown myfile

B. chmod 661 myfile

C. chmod 331 myfile

D. chmod 664 myfile

6. Which file is used to specify a user’s home directory?

A. /etc/passwd

B. /etc/skel

C. /etc/profile

D. /etc/bashrc

7. ________________ is used to view jobs scheduled to run at regular intervals.

8. Which command will search the file editorial for all occurrences of the word lady and replace them with Lady?

A. sed -a s/lady/Lady editorial

B. tr l,L editorial

C. sed ‘s/lady/Lady/’ editorial

D. grep ‘lady’ editorial | tr Lady

9. Which command allows you to view system resource usage in real time?

A. nice

B. renice

C. ps – aux

D. top

10. Which file contains a list of currently mounted file systems?

A. /etc/proc/

B. /mnt

C. /etc/fstab

D. /etc/mtab

11. Which allows an environment variable declaration to be used system-wide?

A. echo

B. export

C. cat

D. env

12. Which command would move the file and directory contents of the /ME directory to the /YOU directory?

A. mv -a /ME /YOU

B. cp /ME/* /YOU/* ; rm -r /ME/*

C. mv /ME/* /YOU/*

D. cp -r /ME/* /YOU ; rm -r /ME

13. What command would produce a file named xmaslist using the contents of
the list file, arranging the contents alphabetically and numbering each line?

A. fmt list > xmaslist

B. sort list | nl > xmaslist

C. ln list | sort | xmaslist

D. sort list | ln | xmaslist

14. Which of the following commands would kill the process 1234 without giving
it a chance to gracefully exit?

A. kill %1234

B. kill -now 1234

C. kill -9 1234

D. kill -12 1234

15. Which of the following tools are used when creating a new partition for data
storage on a Linux system?

A. fdisk

B. format

C. mkfs

D. mount

16. The __________ utility provides a summary of disk space used in the pwd.

17. Which command is used to edit user quotas?

A. quota

B. quotaon

C. edquota

D. vi

18. The umask of 002 would produce what default file permissions?

A. -rwxrwxrw

B. -rw-rw-r–

C. ———x

D. -rwxrwxr-x

19. What access rights are required for the /etc/shadow file?

A. -r——–

B. -rw-rw-r–

C. -r–r—–

D. -rwxr–r–

20. Which command will immediately shut down a computer running Linux?

A. shutdown

B. telinit 6

C. shutdown now

D. telinit 0

21. A new user (Debbie) needs access to the companies Linux system, what must
be done so that she can access the system with the userid
? (Select all
that apply.)

A. useradd debbie

B. group debbie

C. shadow debbie

D. passwd debbie

22. Which command would give the owner and group of myfile the permissions
of read and execute while all others have read access?

A. chmod 003 myfile

B. chmod 554 myfile

C. chmod 331 myfile

D. chmod 662 myfile

23. Which command would be used to view a description of the tar utility including the options available for use?

A. more tar

B. grep tar

C. man tar

D. help tar

24. _____________ is the location of files that are copied to each user’s home

25. The PS1 environment variable is used to define which of the following?

A. command path

B. home directory

C. shell prompt

D. signature file

26. Which of the following would change the user’s pwd to their home directory
regardless of their current
? (Select all that apply.)

A. cd

B. cd ..

C. cd~

D. cd $HOME

27. Which of the following directories is used to store system utilities used by the

A. /etc

B. /root

C. /sbin

D. /usr/local

28. Where are the user shells assigned?

A. /etc/skel

B. /etc/passwd

C. /etc/profile


29. You have recently installed a new disk drive in your Linux system. You wish to
store a directory containing many data files used within your company on the
new disk drive. Which of the following can be used so the change is invisible
to users of the system?

A. cp

B. mv

C. hard links

D. soft links

30. Which command and options are used to delete a user’s account and home

A. userdel -r

B. usermod -f

C. passwd -e

D. usermod -e

31. The ____________ utility is used to display files in hexadecimal format.

32. What command can be used to locate specific text within a file?

A. grep

B. locate

C. find

D. where

33. Which of the following can be used to suspend a process running in the

A. &

B. fg

C. bg

D. Ctrl+Z

34. Where might you find instructions on installing and configuring a Winmodem
on a Linux system?

A. man pages


C. /usr/doc

D. dmesg

35. Which of the following would be used to run a script called mozilla_update
as a background process?

A. bg mozilla_update

B. mozilla_update&

C. `mozilla_process`

D. mozilla_process -bg

36. Which environment variable would be used to specify the location of files that
you wish to run without specifying an absolute path?


B. PS1



37. The _____________ command is used to change ownership of a file.

38. When booting your system you notice that your sound module failed to load;
however, the error message scrolled by too quickly. What command can you
use to view the errors?

A. dmesg

B. messages

C. errors

D. lilo

39. What command is used to create a new archived file using compression?

A. gzip -t

B. tar -cfz

C. compress -tf

D. bzip2 -tbz

40. Which command is used to view processes running in the background?

A. dmesg

B. ls

C. bg

D. jobs

41. Which utility is used to view the beginning of a file?

A. tac

B. cat

C. head

D. top

42. Which type of quota limit prevents a user from creating new files?

A. stop limit

B. soft limit

C. hard limit

D. max limit

43. Which runlevel is used for administrative tasks performed locally, disallowing
network connections to the system?

A. 0

B. 1

C. 3

D. 6

44. User quotas are maintained in which file?

A. /etc/fstab

B. /etc/passwd

C. /quota.user

D. /lilo

45. You are told by a co-worker that information pertaining to the syslog command can be found in man page 3. How would you view this information?

A. man syslog 3

B. man syslog -3

C. man -3 syslog

D. man 3 syslog

46. Which command is not used to view the contents of a file?

A. cat

B. more

C. less

D. expand

47. The ________ command is used to unmount a file system.

48. The ________ command will display previously entered commands.

49. What type of information might you find using http://www.deja.com?

A. man pages

B. Usenet postings

C. software patches

D. kernel updates

50. Which directory utilizes no disk space?

A. /proc

B. /boot

C. /root

D. /local

51. The __________ command is used to perform a consistency check on file

52. Which command would create a file called mydirlisting that includes a
detailed listing of all the files and directories located within your home

A. ls -alR $HOME > mydirlisting

B. ls -d > mydirlisting

C. mydirlisting < ls -al $HOME

D. ls -al | mydirlisting